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Apparently, the Giants won the World Series. I knew this before my husband's phone call, since fireworks just started going off a few minutes ago. All the high school kids at the local synagogue and their parents who were there tonight for classes had a party to watch the game (with at least one of the rabbis) insted of classes. :)
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Ended the week from hell on a good note. Dad's officially in full remission from mantle cell lymphoma, although he is continuing antibody treatment for another two years. No more chemo. I am torn between tears of gratitude and exhaustion, and I am not even the one who's been the caregiver.
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My daughter has begun her sophomore year of high school. Can someone explain to me how that happened this fast?! :)
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Woke up at 3:20ish this morning to the 6.0 earthquake... fortunately my town is far enough south that we got a long, rolling motion rather than a sharp motion that does damage. Husband slept through it, the twit, but our daughter and I were awake for quite a while, due to the aftershocks. Family members and friends closer to Napa have checked in and are all right, thank goodness.
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I spent an hour standing on a beach today watching grey whales swim around and humpback whales feed on anchovies in the harbor mouth, along with harbor seals, sea lions, pelicans, two types of gulls, cormorants, and terns. Seeing these huge backs, fins, and tails break the surface in what seems like slow motion is just awe inspiring, and then when the whales were lunge feeding and you'd see these huge mouths open and then sink back down...also, it was adorable to see the mother/calf pairs, with one big spout and then one littler spout, one big back and then one smaller one just next to it. SO glad we tried to do this today, along with all the other excited people out on the beach and jetty. And SO glad that I live near the Monterey Bay.
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School is over for the year. Five days until I get set up for summer school...

We took a break today and went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's new cephelopod exhibit. SO COOL!!!!! Flamboyant cuttlefish, stumpy cuttlefish (isn't that a great name - they were amazing), octopodes I have only seen on tv, and nautilus. I remember watching those on nature programs and reading about them, and now I got to look one in the eye...

Regarding my last post...I am pleased to say that the transgender student at our school wore her heels, a dress, and her new boobs to eighth grade commencement, and her family cheered with great enthusiasm, as did some of her teachers. :)
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Kind of sad this week to see and hear comments from people online and in my RL that ridicule transgender people. Most seem to claim that they don't exist and that they are Wrong if they say are transgender (and that those of us who accept and love them are delusional). I have had and have students and friends who are transgender, and it was only until they were allowed to be themselves that they were happy and had a chance to succeed in life. I have to wonder how insecure these bigots are that they feel threatened - just by someone existing and being comfortable in their identity. And the younger the transgender person is, the nastier the comments seem to be. I am not sure how some people justify the action of deciding someone else's identity for them? Multiple cultures on this planet even have a third gender and have had that designation for centuries, and many have transgender people accepted in society. Lots of ignorance going around lately...
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Open House is done. *thud*. Watching my kids finish their projects this afternoon in my history classes was sort of fun...lots of shrieking, giggling, and problem solving. Only a little whining...

Daughter is sick and trying not to hack up a lung (inhalers are helpful). So no getting to see grandparents this weekend while grandfather is only done with one chemo treatment. Hopefully, she will get well quickly, with no drastic physical response to this virus. (She and I can actually have allergic reactions to viruses)
Immunologist blew us off in an INCREDIBLY rude fashion, even cutting me off while I was asking a question. Sigh. Switching doctors for that, now. At least daughter's pediatrician is really good. On the bright side, a brilliant doctor who's been helping my sister back East will do a phone conference with me soon and refer me to someone not too far away who has lots of experience in diagnosing genetic immune disorders. So back to square one, but at least moving toward square two?
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Earlier this year, I had a project funded to get my students a classroom library shelf of graphic novels, and thanks to some generous folks online, it got funded pretty quickly. There was literal leaping with joy in my classroom when the boxes arrived, and lots of impatience for things to be unpacked. Since then, many of my students have been inspired to read more often, and they were fascinated at the greater diversity of characters graphic novels. Kids who aren't even from my classroom are borrowing the new books! So, to go the next step and to make sure my students have the materials they need to succeed, I just created a request for my classroom at Look for the project called Leaping Up: Challenges Through Chapter and Graphic Novels.

Give to my classroom by March 15 and your donation will be doubled thanks to Just enter the code INSPIRE on the payment page and you'll be matched dollar for dollar (up to $100). If you chip in to help my students, you'll get awesome photos, handwritten thank you notes if you would like some, and our heartfelt thanks. Every little bit helps!

Thank so much,

P.S. If you know anyone who may want to help my classroom, please pass this along!
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Note from yesterday, a family sort of day...

Ah, a lovely end to an day in Monterey, going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and walking along the path by the ocean, hand in hand, with our teenage daughter 20 paces behind and complaining loudly between giggling spells how totally embarrassing we are.
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Typical familial conversation for around here on the phone:
My sister: "so this is sort of tangential..."
Me: "that's fine...I live in the house of non-sequitors, so tangential is sort of a relief..."
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Happy birthday, [ profile] ansostuff! I know it is probably over where you are, but I finally have a moment, and I hope your day was lovely. *HUG*

Good things this week are continuing the Wetlands science program after school tomorrow (9 hands-on science trips with 25 kids, and all I have to do is chaperone and get paid), picking up the new Ms. Marvel comic book with the first Muslim teenage superheroine and the next Black Widow comic - ladies and good writing for the win this week!

Less useful things this week are my father's wait to find out which of his health insurances covers his chemotherapy (we might know tonight, and yeah, waiting is not something to do with lymphoma), my attempts to see if the genetic disorders clinic will take our new health insurance, and the cold I got which was inevitable given my germy students and my own kid at home.
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Goodness...a lot of birthdays of late, and I hope that [ profile] piplover and [ profile] magickalmolly had lovely days with friends and/or family, music, and good food somewhere in there in celebration!
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First day back at school, but taking a moment before I collapse to say "happy birthday" to [community profile] musesrealm!
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Just a post to wish a happy birthday with lots of joy and fun and music to [ profile] sisterbean!
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Happy birthday to [ profile] surgicalsteel!!!!! I hope it's been filled with relaxation and fun, friends, family, and music...

Our family gatherings are officially over for the season, at least the ones that involve traveling and having to be social. Whew. I do love my family, both the standard sort and the extended bits, but they're sort of exhausting.
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Just a quick note in a a week of chaos to say Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating (we had turkey and latkes with cranberry sauce, which is quite yummy, btw) and a HAPPY birthday to [ profile] thuri!
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My daughter on the right there is steampunk, female classic-Hawkeye from Marvel Comics and I am a steampunk, female Coulson from the Avengers. And that is Phil(ippa)'s "finger of doom" from the new S.H.I.E.L.D. show...if the angle was better here, you would see all the stuff hanging from my belt and the purple H on her can, however, see her quiver of trick arrows and the antique copy of Sherlock Holmes I'm apparently checking...We're not sure what Hawkeye did to get in trouble this time, but I'm reasonable sure Philippa is used to it. :)
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Update....(still squeeing inside)

So my whole project online to raise funds for graphic novels was FULLY FUNDED in just a couple of hours, thanks to amazing comic writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, who boosted my signal, Another famous comic writer donated, too. And several people want to send graphic novels directly to my school to donate them, including Kelly Sue! And she wants to send some extras right to my school, too. I am just sitting here rather stunned. If anyone out there still is in a place where they want to and are able to help, the site is full of teachers' projects to help enrich the lives of their students, so go there and find and find a project that speaks to you. :). My students will be SO excited when the box of more than 25 brand-new graphic novels arrive.

And go read things Kelly Sue writes...Captain Marvel, for example, is brilliant!
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Hey! A quick plug here for my classroom fundraiser to get a shelf of new graphic novels for my seventh grade students...a lot of my reluctant and frustrated readers have been really encouraged and excited reading some of the good ones I've managed to get. Any donations, even small, get doubled through this program, and all are appreciated!


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