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I'm home today with my sniffling, cold-ridden child. Sent a message to the woman who teaches in the classroom next to mine. We have an understanding that if one of us has a substitute in our room, the other will keep one ear open and one eye on the other teacher's kids. She emailed this back:

My dear neighbour,
I will avenge your honour if need be.
Rest easy, and your offspring as well.
Any rebellion will be crushed by the wrath of
all teacherdom everywhere.

On the down side, these laws up for votes in the next couple of weeks are BLOODY TERRIFYING! It's like someone has a plan to take women in this country back to medieval law, with no rights of any kind. These men who proposed these laws (and apparently there are some female politicians supporting them as well) seem to feel that it's okay to erase the last century of gained rights, from the right to be safe in your home, to the right to be physically safe in a hospital, to the right to choose when to have children. And as the mother of the aforementioned daughter, this is doubly scary. One of the laws up in the House literally has loopholes to allow a hospital or physician to refuse to treat a woman dying if the only option is abortion. EVEN IF SHE'S DYING. There's actual protection for that hospital or person. The only hospital in my town is Catholic, and their staff once refused to help me on the phone when it had to with a "morning after" pill. I can only assume that if I had come to their ER actually bleeding out, they might have considered helping me. (see section 2, part G for the loophole)
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A long day. Mostly good, though. My sniffly family is feeling better today. Chicken soup does in fact work...Jewish penicillin indeed *grin*

I'm proud of my student teacher, working with a small group of students today - designing a lesson and teaching it. She's doing well!

Extremely pleased that DADT is GONE! Also happy that there is some healing going on now of hurts caused by this bigoted, pointless, counterproductive rule. Apparently, various branches of the military will now be changing formal records so that people's futures won't be destroyed.


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