Feb. 19th, 2012 04:40 pm
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Not allergies, then. Or they crashed my immune system and my darling 50 germ-vectors otherwise known as 7th graders shared. So much for a four-day weekend. Well, I have one, but most of it I've spent flat. My own kid, too.

Time to start prepping a presentation/workshop. I present at a state-wide education conference on Friday afternoon, and now it turns out that a whole team from work is going. So I'll probably have a few of them in the back of the room grinning at me. :) Helpful friends... I'll get to hear my mom speak at the one she's doing the next day, which will be fun, and I assume she'll be at mine. NO PRESSURE!
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Wandered (as usual when I get to Whole Foods) to the Goodwill bookstore and discovered that someone had brought in boxes of comic books. :) So I called my daughter and suggested she and her father wander by on the way home and meet me...and she ended up with 9 Doctor Who comics. :) 6 from us and she paid us back for 3. Nice.

Had a marvelous time today with this year's history classes doing a "tea party" to review for the test on ancient Japan. Watching some of them follow the directions for proper bowing, try chopsticks for the first time with their classmates' help to pic up edamame (soy) beans, and try green tea (decaf, 'cause I'm not an idiot!) was fun, and then a few of them showed off their origami skills. I think one of the boys just totally impressed a whole passel of girls today!

And it's a good thing some of them volunteered for set up and clean up because my back is a mess and there's no way I could lift things or get down on the floor and then back up. Sigh. X-rays of that shoulder yesterday, so I'll see what happens. And I finally found an anti-inflammatory I can probably take, so it's on its way by mail, darn it. Because this hurts. If x-rays don't show anything, I think I'll ask about MRI's of both shoulders, since I'm pretty sure they shouldn't make those noises. If something's up with joints, I need to know. So it's cold packs, NCIS and White Collar, and entering grades into the computer tonight...
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To blatantly copy [ profile] magickalmolly today: three good things about week and three bad things.

3 Annoying things about this Week:

1. Wishing a thousand messy deaths to the mosquitoes from hell that have invaded this week.
My daughter (who apparently inherited by bad reactions and by that I mean 5 inch diameter welts) and I didn't get a lot of sleep over the past week.

2. Bills. 'Nuff said, I think.

3. Being disappointed today that a couple of my former students, who had improved their behavior this year, blew it this week by stealing a remote control for some of the new tech and going around turning people's smartboards on and off during classes (during bathroom breaks, I assume). Sigh.

3 Better things about this week:

1. It's colder now, and I think it's killing the mosquitoes. *pumps fist in triumph* Finally got two nights of fairly decent sleep without being awakened by sharp pain and needing ice packs.

2. Glee last night. Rocky Horror.

3. New Zealand gets to keep "Hobbit". :)
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One of my students, when asked in a test the other day (about ancient Rome) what Germanic tribes invaded that empire? He answered "Invisigoths." That will always be my favorite answer to that question, truly. Forever. *giggle*

I am currently still on a nice creative buzz - we recorded most of an amazing album track today. Our sound tech is a guy who's arranged stuff for us, so he knows our voices well, and he added a tabla drum track (those are tuned drums from India) that made it a truly infectious thing to hear and to sing to. I can't wait to get the final mix, and it was nice to have something work that well. Also, my voice didn't get any little annoying burrs in it from allergies today for a change.

I did, however, spend my day in our hot, fall weather (95 degrees or so) being irritated by a bite from a river gnat of some sort that gets me this time of year. On the eyelid, this time, oh joy. So I look like I got socked in the face. I told my students that no, I hadn't been in a fight, except with a bug. Several of them suggested really over-the-top skateboarding or surfing stories I could use instead. :)


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