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I spent an hour standing on a beach today watching grey whales swim around and humpback whales feed on anchovies in the harbor mouth, along with harbor seals, sea lions, pelicans, two types of gulls, cormorants, and terns. Seeing these huge backs, fins, and tails break the surface in what seems like slow motion is just awe inspiring, and then when the whales were lunge feeding and you'd see these huge mouths open and then sink back down...also, it was adorable to see the mother/calf pairs, with one big spout and then one littler spout, one big back and then one smaller one just next to it. SO glad we tried to do this today, along with all the other excited people out on the beach and jetty. And SO glad that I live near the Monterey Bay.
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The icon is beause there is a LOT of borage in my front garden just now.

I finally feel as though it is summer break. While my daughter was taking (and passing...whew) her last tests, I wandered downtown, did some window shopping, got gelato, and treated myself to seeing Avengers on my own. *sheepish grin*. There were reasons. And discovered this, which reminded e why Clark Gregg is awesome...

And somewhere in the past few days, I seem to have become involved through my two vocal groups in three performance festivals between now and the end of August. Yikes. But it will be fun and good exposure for both groups.


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