Feb. 19th, 2012 04:40 pm
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Not allergies, then. Or they crashed my immune system and my darling 50 germ-vectors otherwise known as 7th graders shared. So much for a four-day weekend. Well, I have one, but most of it I've spent flat. My own kid, too.

Time to start prepping a presentation/workshop. I present at a state-wide education conference on Friday afternoon, and now it turns out that a whole team from work is going. So I'll probably have a few of them in the back of the room grinning at me. :) Helpful friends... I'll get to hear my mom speak at the one she's doing the next day, which will be fun, and I assume she'll be at mine. NO PRESSURE!
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Summer school boss came in to where we were helping kids rehearse for the talent show.
"So listen, would you do something? If you sing, I'll sing in public for the first time."

*sigh* Okay, sure. My only possible partner in crime grinned and said nope, so I just spent
a good hour trying to think of something. I went on iTunes and bought a karaoke version of "Fields of Gold" by Sting (but at a tempo/style that Eva Cassidy did, and arranged and cut the verses. I left out the sensual bits (teaching at middle school, after all) and just made it pretty. At least I think it's pretty. I hope they think so, 'cause there's nothing more critical than one's own students. Yikes! :) They have been bugging me to sing all week, so I guess that's what I'll do on Friday. *shakes head*

Four more days, four more days, and then vacation!!!!!

And on a completely unrelated note: Why the @#*! do we on this side of the ocean
have to wait until the 20th for Torchwood? WHY! (youtube, but it's not the same,
and my DVD set isn't shipped yet)


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