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Exhausted from two new units in my classroom today (YAY - Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Medieval European history) and then taking an extra paid hour after school to cover someone's enrichment class, and because opening night of the show was last night. One more show this weekend. It's a mixture of live singing/percussion (us), dancers (a group and choreographer with whom we've worked several times now), and a local, very eccentric chef who is cooking as a performance around the other things. There is a whole bit which is a parody of" Chopped", the cooking competition show. The dancers don't know what song we're doing; they're given a kitchen tool as a prop, a set of steps, and an mp3 of the music at that moment, and are then given minutes on the clock to create a piece that interprets the music!

But there was a glitch in the sound and my solo mike was on longer than it should have been, so the rough recording we did to see how it was going turned out to have my voice heard over the rest of my section. And I screwed up a bit on a song when the person next to me who had not practiced her part messed up and it threw me off. And there was a song we dropped in pitch by the third verse, although I'm not sure if the audience could tell. So I'm feeling sort of bad tonight after our debrief and rehearsal, although I keep telling myself that crap happens in live performance and that there were professional musicians in the audience who liked the show and what we did. That didn't stop the anxiety attack after rehearsal though. My brain needs sleep and a reboot.

Date: 2017-05-09 03:51 pm (UTC)
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I suspect that the audience just enjoys the show and doesn't care about mistakes!

LOL, I love "Chopped". I'd love to see that parody.


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