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Been a while, DW peeps! (sorry - tired and punchy)

Happy Coming Out Day to those participating, and love to those who either can't due to risk or okay with not doing it. If you are a newer follower of my blog, I guess this is me coming out. 🙄

I had the oddest experience today wearing my Bi-Pride button at work - my assistant principal knows I'm bi, and so do several of my colleagues that I trusted over the last several years enough to tell. But since I'm starting as the advisor of the middle school's QSA (aka the Equality Club) on Friday, I needed the kids who recognized the colors to see it and know I'm a safe person and I'm part of their community. I already know we have at least three trans kids on campus who've trusted teachers and our counselor, and a whole bunch of kids who are great allies and want to learn how to do more. No adults said anything about the button, but I did catch at least two people glance at it and then almost comically drop their eyes from it like they weren't sure they could say anything. So it was a very quiet coming out day for me; my kiddo was doing volunteer work with our local LGBTQ+ diversity center by manning a booth at the community college health fair and then running the front desk as an intern for the center for a bit in the afternoon.

Parents are up in my hometown in an area of northern CA that is between areas in danger, but there's a lot of smoke both there and around here right now. Some family evacuated, all are safe. One member of our extended family ended up with their house safe and now the water on their property is being used to fight the fire, and another's parents lost their home and had to be rescued when the route out was blocked by that fire. Really scary.

I am going to go have dinner now, and get my early Byzantine Roman garb out of the costume trunk (well, one of the trunks - and this is the costume my husband did most of the sewing on because he had better costuming teachers in college) and get it ready for the history lesson tomorrow.
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] piratesorka! I hope it was a beautiful one, my dear.

I know I've been quiet on here lately - start of the school year, mom's surgery (she's healing nicely), and a lot of stuff going on. Updates soon...
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Exhausted from two new units in my classroom today (YAY - Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Medieval European history) and then taking an extra paid hour after school to cover someone's enrichment class, and because opening night of the show was last night. One more show this weekend. It's a mixture of live singing/percussion (us), dancers (a group and choreographer with whom we've worked several times now), and a local, very eccentric chef who is cooking as a performance around the other things. There is a whole bit which is a parody of" Chopped", the cooking competition show. The dancers don't know what song we're doing; they're given a kitchen tool as a prop, a set of steps, and an mp3 of the music at that moment, and are then given minutes on the clock to create a piece that interprets the music!

But there was a glitch in the sound and my solo mike was on longer than it should have been, so the rough recording we did to see how it was going turned out to have my voice heard over the rest of my section. And I screwed up a bit on a song when the person next to me who had not practiced her part messed up and it threw me off. And there was a song we dropped in pitch by the third verse, although I'm not sure if the audience could tell. So I'm feeling sort of bad tonight after our debrief and rehearsal, although I keep telling myself that crap happens in live performance and that there were professional musicians in the audience who liked the show and what we did. That didn't stop the anxiety attack after rehearsal though. My brain needs sleep and a reboot.
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Posting here as well, since I'm in the process of switching over.

The journey to Mayo Clinic was what we'd hoped - some answers and some pending for our daughter. One thing that has a possibly simple fix for at least part of it, and one very complicated thing (a dysautonomia syndrome) that explains a hell of a lot about the last 5-7 years. That doesn't have a cure, but it has treatments and things that will ease the symptoms and maybe give her part of her life back that she's missed. And more possibilities for the future. The rest is pending because there are more test results and interpretations to come. There were a lot of tests - 4-5 appointments a day. And she got to see the inside of her heart. (she loved that, little science nerd that I've raised) Mayo Clinic is absolutely amazing - it's a medical city, literally. The main hospital is attached to a few big hotels (including the one where we were staying) by skyways and tunnels. It has its own food court, mall, pharmacies, patient education centers with classes when you get a diagnosis, free shuttles to satellite facilities, and a TON of help while you're there. So ridiculously organized! She had no bad experiences, and in fact had several doctors reassure her that no, her pain and other symptoms were not in her head, that the other doctors who said that were just plain wrong, and that they were glad she came to them.

We're exhausted, happy to have the beginnings of answers, a little scared at what this will now all entail, but hopeful for the first time in a long time.
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Good things about today: My students and I finished our iMovie film in time to show it for Back-To-School night and it was a hit. (and the kids were adorable and proud and ridiculous, in two languages) I added credits so they could be listed as “co-producers”. Also, on my way home, there were little brown bats taking off against the backdrop of the sunset!

Less than useful things about today: tech issues in my classroom that almost made us unable to finish the project, and the colleague who made nasty anti-Catholic comments to my department head in the staff room at lunch during a political discussion. He’s done that before, with antisemitic, homophobic, and ableist comments. We said if he did it again to either to us, we’d take to the boss, so she did. (after cussing the jerk out in front of half the staff, and I don’t feel sorry for him)
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Heya! So many of you know I am a middle-school teacher. This year, I am mentoring a brand-new (1st year) teacher at my grade level. He's excited to get his students interested in reading, and noticed a lot of mine get hooked in with graphic novels and books which have strong representation of their own communities and cultures. We're doing a DonorsChoose fundraiser, and every little bit help. If you can't donate right now (and believe me, we understand), then please repost/blog so that others might see it. Every little bit helps us! The books on our list will be split between our two classrooms. Thank you.
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Birthday greetings and hopes that it was a fun day to [ profile] rhapsody11, which is the first account name by which I knew you! :)

I had a good afternoon with my daughter today, wandering about downtown: comic book store, two stores with secondhand books, thrift shop (scored two tops for me and one for her at a teacher's discount today, which was a nice surprise), farmers' market where we got a lot of fresh fruit and got to see a young friend of ours busking with his fiddle and a friend (and his mom backing the up on guitar).
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Oops! A slightly belated birthday greeting to [ profile] dreamflower02, another friend from back when I began writing on LJ. I hope it was a good one, full of friends and family and music.

Spent a bit this morning gathering seeds before cutting back some native wildflowers in my front yard - some of my neighbors want the seeds for their front areas as well, so it's nice to be able to share and not have to spend money.
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Wishing a very, very happy birthday to [ profile] marigoldg! Thank you for being one of my first friends and encouragers back when I joined LJ and the LOTR online fandom.
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Oh, my goodness. The second baby sea otter recently born in the artificial Great Tidepool at the Monterey Bay Aquarium - on camera, no less!
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Happy birthday, [ profile] beizy! Hope it was an awesome one...
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Finally got a few minutes to get on LJ. A belated happy birthday message for both [ profile] surgicalsteel and [ profile] sisterbean! I hope each of you had a wonderful day.

Last night we went to our favorite (and food-allery safe) diner for a really nice family dinner, and if everyone is healthy enough tomorrow, we will go see Star Wars!

I wish all my LJ friends a good new solar year, and strong-growing light out the darkness of winter.
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Shana Tovah! Happy Rosh Hashanah! A sweet and good new year to all my Jewish followers (and anyone else really)…I was unable to get to synagogue tonight for health reasons, but followed live online a beautiful service in New York at Avery Fisher Hall (!) with an operatically-trained rabbi and cantor, and then we went across the lawn to the neighbors’ with apples and honey and watched my daughter share it with the gleeful and now sticky toddler. Good enough.
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Happy birthday [ profile] rhapsody11!!! I hope it was a day full of family, friends, and music...
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Summer school. Ack. Tomorrow, we create a miniature water cycle model, so that will at least be fun and messy. Water, after all, evaporates. :)

Spent an hour outside with daughter and our neighbor and her one year old, who gleefully staggered around chasing bubbles, giggling. (both the one and fifteen year old). This was much more fun than the mammogram I had this afternoon, which is now followed by a week of waiting for results. Joy.

Happy birthday [ profile] dreamflower02 *sings silly birthday song*
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Happy birthday [ profile] marigoldg! I know it has been a while, but I still appreciate the Tolkien crew, and am thinking of writing some of that again this summer. I wish you many more birthdays full of friends, music, and laughter...
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Happy birthday [ profile] shirebound! Sorry this is probably late - I hope your day was a lovely one...

Lots of planting this weekend - squash and potatoes and beans and radishes and native flower seeds and some new salvia. Whew. Daughter can deal with planting the carrots tomorrow. All the veggies are in containers, both "proper" ones and some big plastic tubs with drainage holes drilled in all the right places.
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I am feeling reasonably accomplished after finishing a volunteer music gig that morphed into my first real acting part since grad school. It really terrified me even if it was only an 8 minute dance piece, for which I was playing cajon, bodhran, and tambourine, as well singing acapella.
Both performances went pretty well, and all were pleased, and mostly I am glad I pushed myself. Comedy is not normally my thing, and this turned out to be fun.

Also, now I am home and minus performance adrenaline, a happy birthday to [ profile] teachwriteslash!!!
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Happy birthday, [ profile] ansostuff! Wishing you a glorious day... *hug*

Rain arrived this afternoon, enough and fast enough to have half my students wanting to run to the windows to see it. NOT fun to drive home in though. On the bright side, the new garden my kids and I planted after school will get plenty of watering. :)
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A very happy birthday to [ profile] piplover and to [ profile] magickalmolly!!!
I hope it was a lovely one for both of you.


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