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Just sort of stunned here in Santa Cruz, and yet resigned and angry, too. Not how I want my city to be on CNN. This is the second gun-related deadly crime within several blocks of my house in a year, roughly, and both gunmen had a record of violence and sexual assault. This time, because records are not shared between states in the US, our police force did not know that this man had three guns on the property and that violent history. Would it have prevented the deaths of the two police detectives? I do not know. But we spent the late afternoon and evening behind locked doors, listening to the helicopters circling from our house and watching the news updates. Scary stuff. Our local sheriff's department is being very cool and taking over local patrols while while the SCPD mourns and tries to begin ghte process of recovry.

And this on the heels of a whole series of local, very serious crimes during the past few weeks. And one of our students had a relative killed by a gun last week just after a local teenager was also killed at a local high school event. The phrase "enough already" seems too mild. And for irony, this was at the same time an anti-gun violence rally was about to start downtown...


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